Naturally, iGamers are a very suspicious lot. Be sure that if lady luck doesn’t fall on your side, chances are she is on casino's side. For almost every casino out there exists a dozen conspiracy theories about croupiers on the take, decks being rigged or even the cards being marked. But do these allegations really hold water? How do we trust the hundreds of online casinos offering online blackjack? Click to read more.

In this regard, let's comb through casinos that previously rigged Blackjack in their history and see how they did it. By so doing, one will be in a better position to weed out a rogue casino or just avoid it by all means. Notably, there are quite a number of dangers that are usually associated with being a member of a rogue casino. Read more about rogue online casinos at

Why Would Online Blackjack Games Be Compromised /Rigged?

It has probably happened to you at some point. You note that a dealer is holding an Ace up-card in a European blackjack. You then decide to go against insurance. You might note the dealer flipping a 10. You decide that you still can try more luck and pull out a 17. The dealer makes an 18. Well, this can be very frustrating and the anonymity of the whole game could make you suspicious.

There have been few cases of rigging in the past. One of the most known cases of Blackjack rigging was known as the POTRIPPER scandal. Here, the site’s owner was in a position to see your hands. However, such cases of rigging in casinos are by scarce. It is just not in the interest of any online casino to rig games. Noting that these entities thrive on their reputation, being caught would be catastrophic.

How Could Blackjack Be Rigged?

While there have been a few isolated cases of Blackjack rigging in online casinos, this vice is rampant in land-based casinos. Indeed, the vice is as old as Blackjack itself. One of the ways by which rigging has traditionally been done is by marking cards. Once cards are marked, you can spot the 10s easily. Another thing to look out for is card counting. This, however, is not a classic rigging scenario.

Card counters are caught and banned in any casino within the area. Another very common rigging method is known as the “Second Deal”. This is a very famous cheating method where the croupier would insert the right card, just beneath the top. The other common Blackjack fraud is known as “pegging”. Here, the dealer can tell the next card you be dealing. Some similar tactics could be employed in online Blackjack.

Understand Your Losing Edge

One main problem with the conspiracy theorists in most forums online is that by nature, Blackjack is edged towards the house. Notably, the house edge could range between 0.89% and 0.65%. This simply can be interpreted to mean that the game is difficult to win in the long term. Well, this is something that a rookie might never note, but an aspect that an experienced player will discover in the long term.

Odds here are also in the dealer's favour. For instance, the 1/1-3/2 payout for Blackjack somehow doesn’t present the true odds. Somehow, you are therefore always fighting against the house. Honestly, we just can't say that games such as Blackjack aren’t worth playing this or another reason. You just to understand and accept that the house has an edge over you. Be smart and keep trying some new tricks on the house.

Online Blackjack Licensing and Security

If you are looking for a good site to try out your luck on Blackjack on, be sure to consider the licensing of the entity first. Licensed casinos guarantee that there is no fishy business going on in them. For instance, the Random number generators are fair and more importantly are reviewed from time to time to ensure compliance. They also could be checked by independent bodies including eCOGRA.

Similarly, it’s worth noting that all casino payouts from Blackjack games are usually checked by some verified labs that work on behalf of casinos. If any manipulations or mistakes were done, they will certainly be picked up by the casino auditors. All in all, as earlier mentioned, cases of online fraud, more so in Blackjack are rare and shouldn't worry you as long as your casino is fully licensed.