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At Bigtobaccosucks, we are all about vaporizers. We adore all that there is to vaporizers: the purpose, value, procedure and performance.

We have made it our duty as the producers of this initiative to keep our readers well-versed on our views and thoughts about the potentials and inadequacies of all the products presented on this site. We hope to deliver our views and thought in the most entertaining way, whilst equally keeping you, the reader informed as to which product is the right purchase for you.

We review all things related to electronic cigs and vaping. Some of the things we review include Stores (best places to shop online and in-stores), mods, RDTAs, RDAs, RTAs, Vape accessories, E- Liquids, and vaping starter kits.

We have a page dedicated to guides, how to, feature article, memes and other interesting articles we believe that will have our readers interested. We also keep you up-to-date on various vaping headlines occurring in our communities be it locally or abroad.

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