Portable Vaporizers

Best Portable Vaporizer Guide

Tobacco, cannabis, glycerine as well as nicotine, wax concentrates and dry herbs give a better and less harmful impact when they are vaporized. A portable vaporizer makes this work quick and easy. The need to vaporise them arises from the fact that these are compact yet powerful and give a strong impact to the user.

E-cigarette vaporizers are the best tobacco free vaporizers. They are cylindrical in shape and give the same feeling one would get when smoking directly. The user inhales the vapor instead of the cigarette smoke. The liquid known as E-liquid is used instead of tobacco.

This liquid contains propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine and flavourings. In the vaporizer, E-liquid reaches a temperature of roughly 100-250*c in the chamber. The aerosol, also known as vapour, is inhaled by the user rather than the cigarette smoke. The flavour of tobacco smoking is given to the user without the burning of tobacco through this aerosol. Generally, vapor is a gaseous but aerosols are tiny liquid particles. These are safe and give the same feeling as like that of tobacco.

The craving of smoking can happen anywhere anytime and portable vaporizers make it possible to vap anywhere. How does it work? A vaporizer is a device that protects your lungs from damage. It doesn’t combust the material instead only heats those herbs to a boiling point, making it safe to inhale. Categories of portable vaporizers There are two types of vaporizer ‘Conduction and Convection’.

Conduction: – This is the very first method that was introduced in which a hot substance is brought in contact with the herbs. In this method, only one part of the herb gets heated up leaving the rest and the heating being too high, reaches a point of combustion. However, because it does not serve the purpose of vaporizing, it is considered less effective.

Convection:- This form is more expensive as it involves a lot more advanced and well-designed method of vaporization. In this method, air is blown on the herbs to produce vapours. There is therefore optimum use of all the herbs in this process. Types of Vaporisers There are various types of portable vaporizers which are listed below.

G Pro vapourizer Inexpensive yet efficient is what makes this a good choice of vaporizer. It is also easy to clean, maintain and plenty of advanced features are the key attractions of G Pro vaporizer. It is quite user friendly and easy to access. With LED display, it is very safe to use and the various colour indications like RED=320F,GREEN=380F,BLUE=420F make it possible to determine the different temperature conditions. You can carry it anywhere, put it in a bag or your pocket as the 5-click on-off feature doesn’t allow it to start by itself. With a price range of $100, it is one of the best choice.

FlowerMate Vapourmax

Pace, durability and customer satisfaction are the vital principles of this vaporizer. Coming in a well-designed and well-sculpted package, this midget vapour is a wonder to the eye. It reaches a heating point of 446 in a mere 30 sec and this is one of the most impressive parts of this vapourizer. It has an in-built ceramic chamber and a long lasting battery of lithium 18650 2600mAh that allows the user to vasp all day long. It comes in a price of $129.95.

Arizer Air

With 5 colour indicators, this vaporizer is a perfect combination of hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer. It has a battery of 18650 like all other vaporizers. It also has a USB that allows the user to charge it while in use. It is a little time consuming though but gives the user a smooth and clean vapour.

G Pen Elite

With a G grinder that looks like as a cleaning brush, a USB charger and a 0.75 filling chamber, the vaporiser comes out as another one of the greatest buys. Fast heating and adjustable temperature between 200-480F allows users to get their preferred heating. LED screens beautify it besides giving a smooth flavour. It is available for $169.95

V2 Pro series 7

No matter what product you buy, proper assistance is always required. This is just the case with series 7 that provides its users an online assistance. The more the merrier is a saying that quite fits this model and to justify this, the series 7 comes in threes. It is a 3-in 1 capacity and holds more wax and more herb oils. Even though it has these features, it is cost effective. Long battery life is a feather to the cap. It is available for $169.99.

Alfa Vaporizer

3 manual and 2 automatic temperature settings make the Alfa vaporizer one of its kind. The mechanism of this vapour allows the dry herbs to be utilized to the fullest. Its ease of use and two years warranty makes it a must-have. It is available for $199.00. The Haze V3 Dual Vapourizer

Being worth its price is a feeling you get when you use the haze 3 vaporizer. It has dual chambers that allow the user to either use it in conduction or convection screen with three usage facilities. It has 4 temperature settings and evenly allows the herbs, and dry herbs to heat up. 10 years of warranty and amazing looks, what else would you ask for? It is available for $249.99.

The other vapours that top the list with expensive price tags and top features are between the rice ranges of $260-$360.

PAX2- comes for a price of $249.

Storz&Bickel Crafty is available for-$318.

Firefly 2 that comes for a price of-$329. Whatever you choose you will have the best experience of vaping.

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