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Vape and Live or Smoke and Die!

Vaping hit the mainstream over the past ten years or so. Despite being new to the market, it has been seen as the safer alternative to smoking. But there is much that people do not know about it. Here, we will discuss the differences and similarities between vaping and smoking. We will also determine the safer habit.

Health Effects of Smoking

Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals together with tar. At least seventy of the chemicals are cancerous. When they enter your body, they cause growth in the organs they contact.

Health specialists have established that smoking can cause minor health problems like a cough and major problems like heart diseases and lung cancer. Tobacco smoking is the biggest avoidable death cause on earth. According to research, smoking kills six million people every year. At least thirty percent of the deaths are related to lethal diseases and cancer as a result of smoking.

Health Effects of Vaping

Many people claim that vaping have negative health effects. But the only harm vaping can cause is dependence due to nicotine contained in the e-liquids. An example of vaping is the use of e-cigarettes. There are no studies that have proven to vape to be life-threating like tobacco smoking. Hence, there are no long-term effects of vaping.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

According to a research done in the UK, vaping is more than 95 percent safer than tobacco smoking. The research recognizes vaping as an alternative to smoking. It is a viable way to stop smoking.

In the US, the society deems electronic cigarettes as evil as tobacco cigarettes.

Comparison between Vaping and Smoking

Safety and Health

Vaping is still hazardous since the e-liquid contained in the e-cigarette contains some nicotine.

Smoking is, however, more dangerous as tobacco and 4000 other components burn when one is smoking. The smoking causes secondary smoke which causes a lot of health issues. The smoke has carcinogens that can cause lung cancer and heart diseases.

Vaping lacks these harmful chemicals. Vaping involves inhalation of safer vapor that has fewer chemicals. The chemicals in the vapor are however not great for you.


You can find cigarettes anywhere. You can find them at the gas station, in shops, at the grocery store, and online. They have been used for so long that people have accepted that they are there.

But electronic cigarettes are a little bit harder to come by. You can, however, find them online and in vaporizer and tobacco specialty stores. As vaping gets more popular, it becomes easier to find.

Legal status

Tobacco has been banned in one form or another since their appearance. They have been banned in government buildings, on airlines, and in every public location. You will have to smoke at home or in a designated smoking zone.

Vaping is quite complex. It is slowly being outlawed in public areas. Those who vape claim that second-hand vapor is not harmful. But studies have not proven so. The public perceives vaping as same as smoking. Hence they feel as if they are in danger.

Unless studies prove vaping to be safe to third parties, vaping is likely to be banned from public places.

Cost effectiveness

Vaping is more expensive than smoking. There are affordable options but the best high-end e-cigarettes cost around $250. Then all you will need is your preferred e-liquid which costs cheap.

Cigarettes can cost around $300 per month assuming you smoke a pack per day. Hence vaping is more costly in the short-term but more affordable in the long-term.

Social acceptance

Vapor does not have a bad odor like smoke does. It also does not give you a bad breath or discolor your teeth.

On the other hand, e-cigarette vapor smells good. It smells like vanilla or candy. This is dependent on the e-liquid. Hence, with e-cigarettes, you can just smoke in the crowd. It is more socially accepted. But make sure the law allows it. Some states prohibit vaping in the public.


E-cigarettes win in almost every aspect. We have to wait for studies of the long-term effect of vaping. But it is definitely a better alternative to smoking. Just ensure that no laws are broken or people are disturbed when you vape. Keep your vaping equipment from infants and pets. This is because nicotine than is in the e-liquid can be hazardous when ingested. Happy vaping!

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